TRIVIA for ADULTS contains rules for playing trivia, 620 new and original questions and answers. None were copied from other sources. These questions are for adults. There are no questions that only a teenager would know.

TRIVIA for ADULTS, 6x9, 158 Pages, Paperback, ISBN, 9781311978332

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Trivia Question:
What is the leading cause of death in vehicle collisions?

Trivia Answer:
Speed is the leading cause of death in vehicle collision.


Trivia Question:
ISBN stands for ____________________?

Trivia Answer:
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number

Trivia Question:
Which element is the lightest weight?

Trivia Answer:
Hydrogen is the element of the lightest weight.

Trivia Question:
Who threw the original “Hail Mary Pass”?

Trivia Answer:
Roger Staubach threw the original “Hail Mary Pass”.
Trivia Question:
Where is O degree latitude?
Trivia Answer:
Latitude 0 degrees is at the Equator
Trivia Question:
The Minnie’ ball was
(B-small dance party,
(C-Rock music group)

Trivia Answer:
The Minnie Ball was a bullet used by both sides in Civil War.
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TRIVIA for ADULTS is to furnish educated, thinking people some brain exercise. There are no board, tokens, or dice to roll, just questions and answers. One person has to be in charge, to read the questions and help grade the teams. Players form teams, quietly discuss the question among themselves and come up with a consensus answer. YOU CAN USE IT ALONE to test your trivia knowledge.



601. Whipple, in medical terminology means, (A. An inflamed skin eruption. (B. An intricate surgical procedure. (C. A medication to treat psychosis.

 611. To “tack close to the wind” is what kind of term, (A. Roofer. (B. Sky diving. (C. Sailing.

Answers: (On a separate page.)

601. Whipple, in medical terminology means, (B. Surgery involving removal of part of the lower intestine, bile duct, pancreas, and sometimes part of the stomach.

611. To “tack close to the wind” is a (C. Sailing term. A sail boat or sailing ship cannot sail directly into the wind, but can go at a 45 degree angle toward the wind in a zigzag. When the vessel changes directions it is called “tacking.” In order to go as near to against the wind as possible, the sailor will “tack close to the wind.”


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About the Author: Joe B. Hewitt has been there; done that. He started in the newspaper business, working as a reporter, then an editor, and publisher. At age 31 he answered a call to ministry, went to seminary, and pastored churches for 39 years. During that time he served as a temporary missionary in Russia, Mexico, England, and Brazil. He also traveled to Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Jamaica and many Caribbean Islands, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and Cyprus. Hewitt has BD and MA degrees, and is a member of Mensa the high IQ society.